The San Antonio Fruit Farm Story

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San Antonio Fruit Farm is proudly crafted by Italian winemakers, Paola and Ivana, who share an enthusiasm for both the long-standing traditions of Italian winemaking, and the opportunity to create new flavors, blends, and techniques.

With family roots in winemaking, Paola and Ivana have a deep passion for wine and a connection to the land on which their grapes grow. When it came time to pursue higher education, both chose Oenology –– the science and study of winemaking.

After graduating, the two women began their careers as oenologists, learning everything they could about production and quality.

Working under the well-known Riboli Family Wines umbrella, Paola and Ivana teamed up to launch the San Antonio Fruit Farm project as a way to create a blend reflective of their personalities –– sweet, bubbly, fun and intense, yet elegant.

Paola and Ivana put an emphasis on the grapes, focusing on the best vinification methods to create the specific characteristics of the indigenous grape varieties like White Moscato, Brachetto and Malvasia. They blend natural fruit juice and flavors with hints of botanical for a sweet, refreshing, and totally unique wine.

The goal is that with a glass of our unique, dual-fruit blended wine, anyone could be instantly transported to a relaxing sunny day on a farm in Piedmont, Italy, where Fruit Farm is made.

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gluten free
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naturally sweet
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Vegan friendly
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