We’re Making a Splash

During Earth Month!

For every bottle of San Antonio Fruit Farm Wines you purchase,
we will plant a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted.

Why plant trees?

Trees help clean the air you breathe, filter the water you drink, and provide habitat to almost all living species.

Reforestation efforts through One Tree Planted will replant trees in areas that have been affected by natural and unnatural disturbances like droughts, wildfires, logging, mining, and agricultural clearing, among others.  

Discover how One Tree Planted has made an impact around the globe.

Ready to make an impact 

this Earth Month?

Shop San Antonio Fruit Farm today and help us build a greener future for generations to come.

About San Antonio Fruit Farm Wines

San Antonio Fruit Farm wines are the most unique and drinkable, semi-sparkling sweet wines. Get ready for fun, naturally sweet, dual-fruit blends that are perfect for any occasion. 

Our wines are proudly crafted by a team of female winemakers, who share an enthusiasm for both the long-standing traditions of Italian winemaking, and the opportunity to create new flavors, blends, and techniques. 

Whether you are cooking a homemade meal for two or hosting your next get-together with friends, San Antonio Fruit Farm will complement any gathering.

Blackberry Orange

Strawberry Guava

Peach Passion Fruit

Make every purchase count with San Antonio Fruit Farm!